Student / Research / Internship / Turkish Language Course Visa / Öğrenci/ Araştırmacı / Staj / Türkçe Dil Kursu Vizeleri

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1- Student / Research / Internship / Turkish Language Course Visa

2- Öğrenci/ Araştırmacı / Staj /Türkçe Dil Kursu Vizeleri

Those who are eager to study in Turkey and would like to know more about scholarships, application procedures, accommodation needs, living conditions etc. can check this website out.

For official Turkish scholarship programs kindly refer to the website below.

If you already got acceptance from a school/university in Turkey see below for how to apply student visa.


1- Student, Research, Internship Turkish Language Course Visas:

Student/research/private internship/Turkish language course visa applications (for all nationals) are referred to internal authorities in Turkey. Results (approval or rejection) generally take minimum a month.

“AIESEC or IAESTE internship visas are not subject to clearance period. The Embassy can issue those two visas directly provided all required documents submitted in normal issue period.”

Till clearance from Turkish internal authorities passport will be kept at the Embassy.

-If passport is needed after application or there occurred any urgent travel during evaluation process period, applicants could always inform Visa Company (Gateway) and collect their passport back. After travel, passport could again be submitted to Gateway.

Withdrawing application with passport is also possible.

-Two working days after passport is received by the Embassy, applicant could always collect passport if needed during the evaluation process of the application.

- In case of withdrawal (not temporarily collecting back) of application fee is not refundable.

- Applicants should contact Visa Company for either temporarily collecting the passport or withdrawing the whole application.

Please note: The Embassy shall not give any information about any visa applications. For tracking of visa application, contact Visa Company. Contact information is as follows:

Gateway Visa Application Company

Call centers

India: 022 67866029

Nepal: +97714235510

E-Mail Addresses for Information and Appointment




After clearance, your visa will be issued and passport will be returned to VAC. At the beginning of the first semester, getting clearance takes more time. To expedite you may contact your inviter institution to take steps before Turkish immigration authority.

-After clearance, Turkish Embassy can only issue visa for the first entry up to 90 days. If the study/research period is more than 90 days applicant should pursue and apply resident permit before Turkish internal authorities after arrival. See the following link for resident permit.


2- Öğrenci/ Araştırmacı / Staj /Türkçe Dil Kursu Vizeleri

Öğrenci/araştırmacı/staj/dil kursu/ vizeleri Büyükelçiliğimiz veya Başkonsolosluklarımızca doğrudan verilememektedir. Bu meşruhatta vizeler istizana tabidir.

İstizan cevapları genellikle asgari 30 gün içinde alınabilmektedir. Öğretim yılı başlarında bu süre uzayabilmektedir. Geciken istizan sonuçlarının Büyükelçiliğimiz nezdinde değil İçişleri Bakanlığı – Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü nezdinde soruşturulması gerekmektedir.

“AIESEC ve IAESTE vizeleri bu başlıkta verilen işlem periyoduna tabi değillerdir. Belgelerin tam olması halinde bu iki vize doğrudan verilebilmektedir. Normal işlem süresine tabidirler.”

Başvuru sonuçlanana kadar pasaport Büyükelçiliğimizde tutulmaktadır. Pasaportun istizan süreci içinde başka bir seyahat için kullanılması gerekmesi halinde pasaportun geçici olarak teslim alınması mümkündür.

Büyükelçiliğimiz vize başvuru süreci ve sonucuna ilişkin e-posta veya telefon yoluyla bilgi verememektedir. Pasaportun geri teslimi ve başvuruya ilişkin diğer işlemler için vize aracı şirketiyle temas edilmelidir. Vize aracı şirketinin iletişim bilgileri aşağıda sunulmuştur.

Gateway Vize Aracı Şirketi

Hindistan: 022 67866029

Nepal: +97714235510

E-posta Adresi (başvuru randevusu yapmak veya bilgi edinmek için)




Uzun dönemli öğrenim yapılacak durumlarda öğrencinin oturum iznine başvurması gerekmektedir. Aşağıdaki linkte oturum iznine ilişkin bilgiler bulunabilir.

Documents to apply / Başvuru evrakı

1 : Manually filled visa application form by blue or black pen in capital letters with 1 photograph affixed to it, signed by the applicant.

(Form is available for download on website: )

2 : The original passport should be issued less than 10 years with a minimum validity of 6 months beyond the intended duration of stay in Turkish territory and with at least two full blank pages.

3 : 2 biometric photos with a white background that were taken within the last 6 months, depicting the full face including ears and all hair, clearly and completely visible without shadow, in 2.5inch x 2.5inch size.

4 : Covering letter from the applicant with all details about which university/institution/AIESEC/Course being attended, dates of planned departure, reason for studies and which studies being pursued, passport number, name and address of applicant.

5 : Travel insurance (insurance should cover at least first 4 months duration in Turkey)

6 : Reservation one way ticket

7 : In the case of an invitation from University/Institution:

- Acceptance letter from the University which the applicant is going to register.

- Tuition fee payment receipt original or copy attested by the bank.

8: In the case of an invitation from AIESEC/IAESTE/ERASMUS

- Invitation letter from AIESEC/IAESTE/ERASMUS in Turkey specified the full name and passport number of the applicant

- Acceptance note from AIESEC/IAESTE/ERASMUS

- Request letter from AIESEC/IAESTE/ERASMUS branch in India with all details about which program being attended, dates of planned departure, passport number, name and address of applicant.

- Two references names, contact information must be written on visa application form.

9: a) In the case of an invitation from a Language Course:

Organization (TN) acceptance/Enrollment letter signed by the applicant stating two reference people with all their contact information and ID copies from the Language Course/School which the applicant is going to attend.

b) Two references names, contact information must be written on visa application form.

c) If the applicant have relatives or references in Turkey; a letter from these relatives guaranteeing expenses and return back.

10 : Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a mandatory document (It can be issued from Local Police Station or Passport Office)

11: a) Last 3 months personal bank statement of the parents along with a sponsorship letter (notarized) from the parents if parents are funding the education for the student.

b) Last 3 months personal bank statement of the researcher

12 : Minors need consent letter from both parents in all cases (even though minor is travelling with both parents). The consent NOC must be on stamp paper with photos of parents and applicant and notarized.

13 : Notarized copies of all graduation certificates starting from primary school and up for student

14 : If Agent is making the application on behalf of the applicant, letter of attorney from every applicant, in original

15 : Copies of first and last pages of the passport

Visa and Consular Homepage

Vize Konsolosluk Ana Sayfa


Monday - Friday

9:30 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 17:30


For all queries on visa and other consular affairs visit Homepage 
Send query not found on Homepage to

Consular Section hours: 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:30

The Embassy is next to National Railway Museum.

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