Work Visa

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Work Visa

Important Note:

For work visa there are two types of payment. First payment is service charge of visa handling company (see number 2 of sequential) and Second payment is visa fee –if approved- (see number 7 of sequential)
Employer in Turkey does not pay any fee to Turkish authorities. Apart from payments mentioned above please avoid making any payments to any parties.

Work visa sequential:

  1. Employer and employee candidate agree on the terms directly or via human resources intermediary companies.
  2. Applicant/employee submit the application to the visa services handling company; Gateway. (At this stage only service charge of the company is paid.) See below for necessary documents.
  3. Next working day Gateway, submit employee’s application to the Embassy/Consulates
  4. Embassy/Consulates via online system refer the application to relevant Turkish internal authorities and create work visa reference number.
  5. Passport with reference number are returned to the applicant via handling company. Applicants is responsible for tracking their applications and collect their passports and reference numbers from relevant Gateway Centers. Otherwise employer would not have time for number (6).
  6. When applicant gets passport and reference number applicant informs Turkish employer about reference number given with the passport. Employer has to pursue additional processes by relevant Turkish authorities in 10 working days. In case employer does not pursue within this period (10 working day) applicant has to start over from number 2.
  7. After employer gets final clearance from internal authorities, employer informs employee to submit their passport once again to visa handling company alongwith visa fee.

These steps take minimum one month.

Visa application of family members (spouse and children of the applicant) should be submitted separately after work visa is granted (beyond 7th step ) as "other visas/accompaniment purpose" along with necessary documents and copy of work visa. For minors NOC is needed.

Necessary documents for application

  1. Original Passport (with the validity covering the working period and additional 60 days)
  2. Photocopies of passport’s first and last pages (e.i. information page)
  3. Visa Application Form ( filled manually by blue or black ink in capital letters, signed by the applicant,
    with 1 photograph affixed to it. photo: white background photograph 2.5inch x 2.5inch)
    (Form is available for download on website, )
  4. Two additional white background photographs, 2.5 inch X 2.5 inch, face visibility of 70% to 80% are needed as well
  5. Original letter of the current employer. (The letter has to state the profession, the designation, period of work and purpose of appointment to Turkey. The letter has to include the employer’s full name, address, and telephone number and has to be signed by the authorized official.)
  6. Invitation letter from the prospective employer in Turkey. (The letter should include the name and title of the person to be employed, required period of employment, his/her profession, proposed designation, address of employment, name and address of the contact person. The letter has to be signed by the authorized official.)
  7. Police Clearance Certificate/ Criminal Record
  8. Work contract with Turkish Company
General information on how to apply

Tracking current application

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